Urban Forest Master Plan

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Pittsburgh Urban Forest Master Plan: A Road Map for the Effective Management of our Urban Forest

An Urban Forest Master Plan is a road map, providing detailed information, recommendations, and resources needed to effectively and proactively manage and grow a city's tree canopy. More importantly it provides a shared vision for the future of the urban forest to inspire and engage stakeholders in the care and protection of trees. 

Learn more about the importance of an Urban Forest Master Plan here.

Many people were involved in the creation of the Urban Forest Master Plan.  See a list of our partners.

Read through the enitre Urban Forest Master Plan here.



Below are the components of the Urban Forest Master Plan.  If you are most interested in one part, you can choose to read and/or download it.

Want a full printed copy for yourself, with appendices that do not appear on our website?  Contact Matt Erb, Director of Urban Foresty at Matt@treepittsburgh.org 

Pittsburgh Urban Forest Master Plan: A Road Map for the Effective Management of our Urban Forest

Table of Contents


Executive Summary

A summary of the Urban Forest Master Plan.


The purpose and process of making the plan.


What Do We Have?

Historical Background

A summary of urban forestry in Pittsburgh.

2012 State of the Urban Forest

Our findings regarding tree canopy cover and content in Pittsburgh.  Includes most common species, a comparison of canopy cover by neighborhood, and the value of our urban forest at present.


What Do We Want?

Outreach Campaign, Survey Responses, Vision and Goals


How Do We Get There?

Summary of Goals: Connect :: Engage :: Manage :: Plan :: Protect



Goals: Interagency Partnerships, Research, Equitable Distribution of the Forest and Neighborhood Maps 


Goals: Neighborhood Tree Advocacy, Public Outreach & Education, and Volunteerism


Goals: Funding, Proactive Management, Risk Management, and Tree Planting


Goals: Stormwater Management, Urban Tree Canopy Cover Goals, and Storm Preparedness



Goals: Manage & Plan for Exotic Pests and Diseases, Protect Trees During Infrastructure Improvements

Summary of Recommendations 


Summarizes all the recommendations from the above sections.


How Are We Doing?

Looking Ahead


How we will measure our progress as we implement the Urban Forest Master Plan.

Read our progress here!

A status report from the U.S. Forest Service


Appendix A: Abbreviations

Appendix B: Glossary

Appendix C: References

Appendix D: Tree Diversity Goals and Reccomendations


Appendix E: Compendium of Existing Plans and Data












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