Trees Mean Business

Did you know trees provide many benefits to surrounding businesses? Green business districts create an attractive, pedestrian-friendly retail experience. They offer an environment that makes shoppers and diners feel more comfortable, and spend more money. In areas with tree-lined streets, customers stated they would pay up to 12% more than in areas without trees.1 Studies have concluded that shoppers will stay in a business district longer if trees and landscaping are present.2 Trees encourage more people to walk outside, prolong the life of asphalt, and cool hot city streets by 10. They can also increase the value of properties and businesses.

Tree Pittsburgh is currently piloting our "Trees Mean Business" program in Lawrenceville, as a result of the ReLeaf Lawrenceville plan. This program is targeted towards business owners who are interested in being involved in Pittsburgh's urban forest. You do not need to have a tree in front of your business to be involved.

There are many ways to paricipate! Don't live in Lawrenceville? We are hoping to expand this program in the future. Contact Tree Pittsburgh to talk about potential opportunities by calling 412-781-8733 or emailing Jen Kullgren, Community Forester, at jen(at)

How do I get inolved?
Are you an interested business owner or manager that would liek to be part of beautifying the street in front of your business? Don't have a tree in front of your building? Don't worry. You can still be part of the program. Fill out the Trees Mean Business form and return it to Jen.

What is expected?
Trees need care. Newly established trees need to be watered, weeded and mulched. By signing up for our Trees Mean Business program, you are agreeing to the following:

No tree? Consider donating supplies or support to the Lawrenceville Tree Tenders group. Contact Jen to discuss opportunities.

What do you get?
Besides the opportunity to make your neighborhood a better place, there are perks to the program:

  • Logo listing on Tree Pittsburgh's Trees mean Business page
  • Window cling sticker to designate business involvement
  • Shout out on Tree Pittsburgh's social media
  • Free mulch opportunities
  • Weeding tool
  • Monthly newsletter from Tree Pittsburgh
  • Discount on Tree Pittsburgh's Tree Tenders class

1 Wolf, K. L. 2005. Business District Streetscapes, Trees and Consumer Response. Journal of Forestry, 103, 8, 396-400.
2 Wolf, K. L. 2004. Trees and Business District Preferences: A Case Study of Athens, Goergia, U.S. Journal of Arboriculture, 30, 6, 336-346.

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