Winter Tree Care

Winter can be a harsh season, especially for newly planted trees. Take a little bit of care with your trees this winter and spring will be all the better!

Give trees fresh mulch in the fall.  A new layer of mulch, kept away from the trunk of the tree in the shape of a donut, insulates the tree's roots during the coldest months.  If you missed giving your trees new mulch this fall, be sure to give them fresh mulch in the spring.  

Avoid using rock salt as a deicer. Rock salt (sodium chloride), or de-icing mixes that contain rock salt, prohibits a tree’s finer roots from absorbing water, nutrients, and oxygen. Instead, try using calcium, potassium, or magnesium chloride.  Or, use only the reccomended amount of salt: half a teaspoon per square foot.

Remove holiday lights when the season ends, and do so carefully.  Many trees set their buds for new leaves and flowers in the fall, so be careful not to knock the new buds off branches when putting lights up or taking them off the trees.  Do not leave holiday lights tied around trees year-round. Lights that are left on too long can end up girdling the tree, keeping nutrients from getting to its branches and killing it.

Prune Dead and Damaged Branches  Winter is a great time to prune--you can see the tree's structure really well.  Prune off damaged or dead branches.  If you think now is a great time to prune your young street trees, contact Jake to schedule a pruning workshop.

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