Health Benefits of Trees

Trees contribute multiple benefits to our health. Promoting physical activity, increasing hospital recovery time, lessening the symptoms of ADD, and reducing noise and exposure to Ultraviolet rays are just a handful of the ways trees boost physical well-being. Check out the resources below to learn more about the ways trees improve health.

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News Articles:

  • Trees Linked With Human Health, Study Suggests
    • People living in an area recently cleared of its trees suffer increased rates of death from heart and respiratory disorders.
  • How Hospital Gardens Help Patients Heal
    • Less than 10 minutes viewing the elements of nature, including trees, can lower blood pressure, alleviate muscle tension, and alter heart and brain electrical activity enough to induce relaxation, having long-term affects on overall health.
  • Trees could affect land use, reduce skin cancer
    • A tree providing 50% canopy coverage can protect a person sheltering beneath its branches from the sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation for up to 100 minutes; someone standing beneath a canopy of 90% coverage benefits from UV ray protection the equivalent of wearing SPF 10 sunscreen.
  • Using Trees and Shrubs to Reduce Noise
    • Urban noise can be distracting, if not downright aggravating. A vegetative buffer 100 ft wide can reduce noise levels 5-8 decibels; evergreen trees offer year-round noise reduction.
  • How living near trees can save your life
    • The air pollution remediating benefits of trees are most effective in areas of greater population density, like urban areas. One estimate quotes that up to $6 billion in healthcare costs can be avoided by planting more trees.
  • A Tree-lined Path to Good Health
    • A Japanese traditional healing method know as shinrinyoku , or 'forest bathing,' connects regular time spent in forest areas with a stonger immune system response. In this tradition it is believed that trees release an array of phytoncides, organic antimicrobial essential oils that stimulate immune response.
  • The Health Benefits of Trees
    • A study has shown that women recently diagnosed with breast cancer had better focus and concentration after spending just two hours a week in natural settings.
  • Londoners Living Near Street Trees Get Prescribed Fewer Antidepressants
    • Urbanites whose home range includes tree-lined streets are diagnosed and treated for symptoms of clinical depression less often
  • Green Space Will Lower Stress For City Dwellers, Reduce Heart Risks
    • An individual's heart rate drops an average of 5 beats per minute (bpm) in the presence of city spaces "post-beautification" by tree planting and incorporating greenspace. Overall levels of feelings of optimism increase in the same environment.
  • Scientists discover that living near trees is good for your health
    • According to a Canadian study, urban street trees have even more health benefits to the general population, based in part on their increased accessibility.


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