Economic Benefits of Trees

Trees provide numerous economic benefits. Trees can increase the economic revenue for retail shops, prevent unnecessary costs of road maintenance, and increase property values. Explore the following resources, which explain how trees can aid the economy.

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News Articles:

  • Money Growing on Trees
    • New software systems developed by the US Forest Service can break down the economic benefits of individual trees in an urban forest; using the software program ‘i-Tree’, it has been determined that each tree in New York city  provides $9.02 annually in air pollution reduction, $1.29 in carbon sequestration and $61 in storm-water abatement.
  • How Trees Can Boost a Home's Sale Price
    • Residental properties with ‘street trees’, located between the sidewalk and the street, sell at a premium, and sell faster than properties devoid of prominent trees. Neighboring property values of residences adjacent to trees escalate as well, even if there are no trees on the actual property in question.


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