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Planting a Tree in the Public Right of Way/Sidewalk

Planting a Tree in the Public Right of Way

Category: Tree Planting

Stand up For Trees

Browse the the attached files and documents important for citizen advocacy as presented in recent "Stand up For Trees!" class.

Category: advocacy

Teacher Activities

Educating children about the benefits of trees is a way to create lifelong stewards of the urban forest and the planet. Many of the environmental problems facing our city and world today could be abated using trees, plants, and a little creativity.

Category: Education

Tree Pit Gardening

blue tomato tree pit garden

Image courtesy of Blue Tomato Design.


Category: Tree Maintenance


Links to innovative programs, fact sheets, local and national resources, research, and non-profit organizations

Category: National


A new database that allows access to Forest Service research publications online.

Category: National

TreeVitalize Pittsburgh

dedicated to restoring tree cover in the region by planting 20,000 trees by 2012

Category: Local


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