Trees in Allegheny Cemetery get some much needed pruning from Bartlett volunteers

Tree Pittsburgh Tree Care Assistant Terrance Sheffey, Bartlett employees Andrew Tomaskovic, John Reitmeyer, Jeremy Newton, Sean Dingess, Burlton Griffith, and Frank Booths.

Early this spring, Tree Pittsburgh had the pleasure of working with a group of arborists and dendricians from the Bartlett Tree Experts who volunteered their time to help with structural pruning of 20 young trees in Allegheny Cemetery. These trees, mostly elms, can be seen growing along the inside of the cemetery wall along Stanton Avenue. Tree Pittsburgh’s Tree Care and Restoration Coordinator, Jake Milofsky, expressed the importance of pruning these trees.

“We’ve found that Princeton American elm trees grow extremely fast and therefore need to be pruned aggressively during their establishment phase,” said Milofsky. “These trees had already grown beyond our reach, so it was great to have the help of professionals with tree climbing abilities to conduct this extremely valuable work.”

Tree Pittsburgh Tree Care Assistant, Terrance Sheffey, receives a lesson on tree climbing equipment from Bartlett Arborist, Burlton Griffith.

The crew of eight volunteers worked for three hours on a Saturday morning in late March to prune the trees, and the Allegheny Cemetery assisted the project by disposing of the many cut branches. Burlton Griffith, a Bartlett Arborist, enjoyed working on the project.  “We are thrilled to be part of the Tree Tender mission and look forward to working with Tree Pittsburgh again in the future!” he said.

Bartlett workers climbed trees to carefully prune them.

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